Author: Kirk Green

I am a Public Health programme support worker based within the Public Health Team of Gateshead PCT. As well as jointly leading the Gateshead Healthy Schools Programme with Don Sweeney, I also lead on a number of different areas including the National Child Measurement Programme, Childhood Obesity, Accident Prevention.

My professional background is in Youth & Community work and my previous experience has included working with Young People not in Education, Training or Employment. I also co-ordinated a Youth Participation project between 2000-2003.

I joined the NHS in 2003 as Young Persons Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor where i developed and Co-ordinated a Young Persons Stop Smoking Service called "Burnout". I was also the Training Development Officer for the SOTW Stop Smoking Service where I delivered Brief Advice, Level 2 Intermediate and Specialist Pregnancy Training to a wide range of Health & Non Health Professionals across the South of Tyne & Wear area.

I joined the Gateshead Public Health Team in 2009.