A number of resources and templates to support schools in their work around Healthy Schools.

To download simply right hand click on the link and Save, if you have any problems with downloading these please visit our Community of Practice site group where you will find all the documents you need.

Whole School Review – Self Assessment form (Word doc) – a template for school’s to complete every 2 years to show that they are maintaining their Healthy School status.

HWBDG membership (Word Doc) – a template to highlight the members of a school’s Health & Wellbeing Development Group and their skills / interests around Healthy Schools.

Gateshead Healthy Schools – action plan template (Word Doc) – a simple template to highlight the different interventions that schools are implementing in order to address their chosen health priority.

Gateshead Healthy Schools Programme – chosen health priority (Word Doc) – a template highlighting a school’s chosen health priority and their rationale for choosing that priority and the data sources they referred to.

Gateshead Healthy Schools Programme – final submission (Word Doc) – a simple template for school’s to complete when they have met their intended outcomes around their chosen health priority.

Healthy School Priorities – Below are a number of different PDF documents covering the main Healthy School priorities that schools will be focusing on. These individual PDF’s offer some examples of the different measurable outcomes that schools can work towards as well as some ideas around the different types of interventions they may implement as part of their Healthy Schools Action Plan:

Healthy Schools Priority teenage pregnancy (PDF)

Healthy Schools Priority sexual health (PDF)

Healthy Schools Priority obesity (PDF)

Healthy Schools Priority drugs (PDF

Healthy Schools Priority bullying (PDF)

Healthy Schools Priority alcohol (PDF)

Healthy Schools Priority accident prevention (PDF)

Healthy Schools Priority Tobacco (PDF)


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